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Who's taking charge of the back-to-school shopping? [Infographic]

How to make sure your kids don't get schooled by germs this school year [Infographic]

Expert tips for a delicious grilling season

Save time and energy with a family gift this holiday season

Avoid a blizzard of bills this season with these energy efficiency tips

One in five children in America go to bed hungry - learn how you can help

Spice up your menu with these unique recipes

Tips to make the daily drive easier for commuters

Simple steps can keep you and your family healthy

Babies and bills: What you need to know to be prepared [Infographic]

Baby safety checklist: Steps to eliminate hidden dangers in the laundry room

It's better to give than to receive: 5 ways you can give back this season

Childproof your finances: Tips for new parents

Simple steps people with diabetes can take to improve their quality of life

Managing the holidays with a loved one who suffers memory loss

It's never too early to start teens on a budget

10 incredibly simple ways to ease back-to-school stress

How simple stomach pains can take you to hell and back

8 moving ways to make Veterans Day meaningful for kids

What's it take to pack the perfect lunch? [Infographic]

5 tips to keep your child's school days from becoming sick days

The equation for stronger performance in school begins with a better breakfast

Keeping pre-teens safe as they grow older

Pressure to perform can outweigh the benefits of children's sports

Common new mom question: Are all formulas created equal?

Mischievous twists on your family's favorite Halloween tricks and treats

DIY Halloween costumes that won't spook your budget

5 simple ways to inspire and improve your inner 'making' skills

Want to be a Heimlich hero? All ages can learn how to save a life

You don't always get what you pay for when buying eyeglasses online

Simple steps to make your holiday guests feel at home

Teenager danger: Five rules for young drivers

How to stop pet stains from straining your family events

Preparing for back-to-school: backpacks, new jeans and vaccines

Natural stress relievers for families busy with school

The ABCs of a good balanced diet

Make peace with fall: Get over your love-hate relationship with autumn allergies

Shopping for a new vehicle? 5 questions to ask yourself before signing on the dotted line

Your credit scores: What you don't know could cost you

Be a super shopper: where to splurge and save at the grocery store

Back-to-school snacking done right

Most people underestimate their family's need for life insurance

Savvy parents share back-to-school lunchbox and snack tricks

Which kitchen style best matches your personality?

Flu fighters: Busting six sickening flu myths

A cut above the rest: How to make the perfect holiday cookie

Reclaim bathroom space of your own [Infographic]

Don't let pantry pests tarnish holiday traditions

Last-minute entertaining tricks for unexpected guests

How to cut the clutter and take back your home

Gimme some more! A dozen fun facts about s'mores

Favorite fall flavors and activities guaranteed to enhance your autumn

8 everyday activities that fuel your child's brain development

Taking responsibility for your health: Ask for yourself. Do it for your family

Fight childhood hunger to keep kids healthy this summer

8 ways to protect the value of your car this winter

Can we change the culture of youth sports?

Why all kids should have the opportunity to go to camp [Infographic]

Kids choose at one of country's largest restaurants: the school cafeteria

Personalize your health and wellness to help meet your goals

Why salt is essential to human life

Essential swim safety tips

The importance of maintaining family traditions through the holidays

Treats without tricks: Safety and nutrition tips for Halloween

Hospice camp gives kids a place to process their grief their way

Preparing to survive: considerations for life after cancer

Don't let germs hitch a ride home from school

Home organization starts with the right tools: How to get everyone on the same page

Ick factor - Why you may be struggling to get rid of those pesky head lice

Plateau-busting tips for avoiding common workout pitfalls

Allergy and asthma preparation: an important item on the back-to-school checklist

Nomophobia: When a modern smartphone affliction leads to addiction

Ways you can support your kids' school and teachers

7 reasons your teen needs an annual checkup

Find relief from occasional allergy symptoms this fall

Health coverage is available that fits the family budget: Enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP is year-round

Dry mornings are happy mornings [Infographic]

The secret to achieving better work-life balance

New research finds 40 percent of teens say they've been hit or nearly hit while walking

Uncontrollable laughing and crying: A stroke survivor's unexpected diagnosis

Modern parents look to mobile devices for hassle-free meals

Fun kids' activities reverse summer learning loss

Help your kids make the grade with healthy back-to-school snacks

The college car-safety checklist [Infographic]

What to collect at Comic-Con and beyond

Restless legs syndrome: 'no laughing matter'

Do you know the signs if your child has a concussion?

Tips for making real, pure ingredients a part of everyday life

How to be host or hostess with the most(est) with these delicious seasonal recipes

Making health a family affair

Young adults are getting serious about money sooner than you think

Answering these questions will help you plan for life's emergencies

Expectant moms need iodine for healthy children

How to get your kids to eat the food you've prepared

Beyond the backpack: Back-to-school shoe-shopping tips to keep kids healthy and parents happy

Fall in love with a trip to the Lone Star State

All aboard: Family friendly tips to make your cleaning projects a snap

Stress-free back-to-school shopping tips for parents of teens

The 5 essentials to a happy school lunch

Fall life hacks to keep you organized while on the go

Meal time is family time [Infographic]

Catch a glimpse of fall colors on these awesome off-road trails

Driving tire safety for teens: Road safety begins with the only part of the car that touches the road

3 reasons now is the time to get vaccinated

Parents: School is back in session, time to teach kids vital financial lessons

Often-overlooked back-to-school danger: Tips to pack safer lunches

Have food allergies? Top tips for dining out and cooking at home

Back-to-school shopping a great time to bond with teens [Infographic]

Smart parent tricks for cutting chaos, streamlining school days

Life-threatening (severe) allergies and bullying: resources available to educate and raise awareness

Dirty cleaning secrets exposed [Infographic]

Promoting peer engagement through afterschool programs

6 simple ways to make your bank account work for you

4 tips for conserving 'invisible' water every day

Why it's critical to make eye exams part of your back-to-school routine

Prevent theft from being the story of your vacation with these security tips

Keep them home, happy and studying: Creating a kid-friendly space

How to make sure cleaning up isn't your only holiday activity

Named your car? Then treat it like a good friend with these tips

Work-life effectiveness: It's more achievable than you think

Home safety tips that put families at ease

Make this football season a smarter one

Dry bottoms and rockin' tunes: The recipe for happy babies, survey says

Worse than itching: Bug bites, stings can cause disease and allergies

Seeing the USA? Summer travel that includes unique hardwood hotspots

Teenagers not driving safe cars, study shows

FDA's message to moms: Eat more seafood

4 reasons to make the move to a medical home

Keeping your teens healthy this back to school

This holiday season, give your family the world - without breaking the bank

5 foods for better moods, and 5 more that only bring you down

Resourceful ways to keep living the American dream [Infographic]

New national health initiative focuses on Parkinson's patient engagement

The simple DIY trick to eliminate pesky floor squeaks

Pet-proofing your home in preparation for adopting a shelter animal

Things to consider when making popular kitchen renovations

School zone safety in the age of distractions

Using music to find inner strength in living with relapsing MS

3 tips to keep technology safe and accessible while traveling

Four ways to spark creativity in your children

Fact or fiction? What you need to know about today's TVs

The Fragile X factor: What parents should know about this mysterious disease

Expert tips for making peer learning part of your child's academic success

5 easy tips for throwing the ultimate summer party

Facing financial pressures: 5 tips for the sandwich generation

How a tape measure and scale can save your child's life

5 dietary habits of healthy kids

Back-to-school nutrition primer: Give kids a healthy head start on academic success

Planning to 'have the talk' with senior parents this holiday season? How to begin

Holiday survival guide: quick tricks to eliminate hassles and headaches

Drive safely with your newborn by following these tips

How to handle student-teacher conflicts for the benefit of your child's education

Save energy and money by catching these invisible energy thieves



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